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About Me


I am currently studying Games and Technology at university which I hope to complete in the next two years. 

I've worked with different freelance photographers to create my portfolio and help them with their own portfolios. 

As I am new to modeling, I am willing to try different looks, locations, and aesthetics.

For most photoshoots, I style myself and do my own hair and make-up. 

I usually help with the setting and can come up with poses that would show the best attributes of the clothes that are presented in the pictures or even bring props that could elevate the poses. 

I see how when people think of modeling their minds usually go to a model from Victoria Secret. But for me, modeling is about the inclusivity of different shapes, sizes, and colors. I have a passion for fashion and creativity. 


Waist: 65 cm

Hips: 91 cm 

Bust: 34B - 84 cm 

Height: 167 cm 

Shoes: 37 

Hair Color: Copper

Eye Color: Brown 

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