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During my internship at SAP, I assumed the position of a solo developer within the Experience Center. In this capacity, I actively contributed to devising immersive methods for disseminating information during both client engagements and internal events. The two templates I crafted exhibit versatility, being applicable across various events and easily adaptable to suit any scenario deemed suitable by SAP.

Role: Intern Creative / Game Developer
Engine: PlayCanvas
Genre: Gamification 
Team size: Solo Developer
Platform: Mobile
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Single Player
Web Mobile Games

Project Role

My roles as a sOLO DEVELOPER

Project Planning:

Definition of Goals: Clearly outlined the objectives and goals of the project. Identify what needs to be achieved and the key milestones.

Timeline: Developed a realistic timeline for the project, breaking it down into manageable phases or sprints.

Resource Requirements: Assessed and allocate the necessary resources, including hardware, software, and personnel.

Problem Solving:

Identifying Challenges: Analysed potential challenges or obstacles that may arise during the development process.

Solving Technical Issues: Addressed technical issues and roadblocks encountered during coding or other project phases.

Optimizing Solutions: Continuously optimized and improved solutions to ensure they meet project requirements.

Writing Code:
Developed and write the codebase for the software application, ensuring it aligns with project requirements and follows coding best practices.

Implementation of Features: Integrated new features and functionalities into the codebase as per the project specifications.

Testing and Debugging:

Unit Testing:
Conducted unit testing to verify that individual components of the software function correctly.

Integration Testing: Tested the interaction between different modules or components to ensure they work seamlessly together.

Debugging: Identified and resolved any errors or bugs in the code to improve the overall stability and functionality of the software.


User Interface (UI) Design
: Created visually appealing and user-friendly UI designs that enhance the overall user experience.

User Experience (UX) Design: Focused on the overall user experience, ensuring that the software is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Animation and 3D modelling:​

3D modelling:
Created Diamond 3D model and animation for games

Animation: Set up Animation template in Play Canvas


Gamification elements




Visual Feedback

GAME Functionality

ar DIAMOND game

Game Goals:

•Learn about the Experience Center

•Keep players engaged

Game Description:

•Players receive hints about specific locations within the Experience Center.

•They consult a map to find the corresponding location.

•In the right place, players find a sticker to scan.

•If the sticker matches the active clue, an animation plays.

•Players receive a "lesson" about the space associated with the clue.


•The game template is versatile and can be adapted for seasonal or special events.

ar quiz game

Game Goals:

•Help users retain information

•Test user knowledge during the presentation

•Keep players engaged

Game Description:

•Tied to the BTP platform, enhancing the learning experience.

•SAP representative presents the topic, splitting it into modules.

•After each module, users scan the image tracker on the TV screen.

•Users receive a question related to the module and have 15s to answer.

•Facilitates reflection on areas of the module that need further understanding.


•The game template can be treated as a versatile framework for other workshops or events.

•Easily customizable for different topics, modules, and learning objectives.


ar DIAMOND game

Change/ Add extra clues

Change the lessons

ar quiz game

Change/add new questions

Change timer per question

Change answers

Scenes (score page) updates according changes


ar DIAMOND game

ar quiz game


  • Created wireframes of game to communicate the idea to my supervisor



  • Tested during development for user friendliness of the game with colleagues 

  • Tested throughout development with SAP workshop representative before release to clients

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