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DM- SpaceMall is a community level that was a solo project .This level was build for a Death Match in Unreal Tournament.

Unreal Tournament is a first person arena shooter and in the game mode death match players play free for all. The one with the most kills wins
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Multiplayer Map
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Project Role

Level designer

  • Conducted research for the creation of a Death match map in unreal tournament
  • Creatring a blockout for a multiplayer unreal tournament meap4
  • Created a level design document that entails in depth information
  • Design player experience and balancing based on playtesting
  • Modelled level design ingredients in Blender
  • Created a QA plan for every weekly build

Design Pillars

Fast traversal

Movement flow



Final iteration

  • Each area has atleast 2 entries/exit points for the player to explore and use to his advantage.
  • The level is metricized that supports the fast travel pillar
  • The level has been playtested biweekly and iterated from the playtesting data.
  • There are elements that leash the player, such as the middle tower, waterfall, lighting and named of the spaces.



Link to Board >
Inspiration picture Dm_SPacemall.png

Level Planning

  • Researched unreal tournament by playing other Death match maps to get to know the mechanics of the game
  • Analyze how players made use of the mechanics and the spaces of other maps
  • Build a shooting area space in gym level for understanding weapons and their ranges for weapons placement.



Balanced weapon placement

First, I wanted for the players to scavenge for weapons and ammo meaning I would put the Spawn point in a really random point but it would take them too long to find a weapon to start with so that frustrated them. Then I moved the most of the weapons to be in the rooms which they also they didn’t seem to work that well since they would only use the rooms to get a weapon and never come back so ,I decided to put some spawn points right in from of the weapon and pickups such as health vials to guide them in a certain direction. In the latest version the players would use the rooms to take cover for enemies attack

Balanced Player spawns

In the lasts 2 iterations I had removed two whole buildings with 2

rooms and I used to spawn the players in the rooms but since this removal

I had 4 rooms where player could be spawned and I needed 8 locations for a relatively safe

spanning. So I decided to make 4 players spawn outside the rooms (inner ring) and added covers such as pillars and plants in the inner ring to give each player a fair chance. the other 4 spawned in the rooms. The ones in the room take a bit longer to get to a weapons ( placed on the exit of the room) giving the ones with less cover time to get to a safe spot to prepare for an encounter.

Level Design DOcument

  • Created a level design document that contains , nodemap iterations , design pillars etc
  • Scenes breakdown explaining changes
  • Encounter breakdown and player objectives
  • Photographic references showcase
Melina Martinez
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