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DM- SpaceMall is a community level that was a solo project .This level was build for a Death Match in Unreal Tournament.

Unreal Tournament is a first person arena shooter and in the game mode death match players play free for all. The one with the most kills wins

Role: Level Designer
Engine: Unreal Tournament 
Genre: Death match /First person shooter
Team size: Solo Project
Platform: PC
multiplayer icon.png
Multiplayer Map
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Project Role

Level designer

  • Utilized extended research for the creation of a Death match map in unreal tournament
  • Created a blockout for a multiplayer Unreal Tournament map, defining gameplay elements that would be enhanced by the resulting level.
  • Developed a comprehensive level design document that includes detailed information such as game pillars, visual references, and a breakdown of scenes.
  • Conducted player experience design and balance adjustments based on focused testing with peers, ensuring a refined and well-tailored gameplay
  • Modelled level design ingredients in Blender, like balcony infrastructure , Dome roof and other gameplay ingredients. 
  • I executed smoke test plans for every build of the level, swiftly evaluating fundamental functionalities and promptly identifying major issues through systematic testing

Design Pillars

Fast traversal

Movement flow



Final iteration

  • Each area has atleast 2 entries/exit points for the player to explore and use to his advantage.
  • The level is metricized that supports the fast travel pillar
  • The level has been playtested biweekly and iterated from the playtesting data.
  • There are elements that leash the player, such as the middle tower, waterfall, lighting and named of the spaces.


Link to Board 
Inspiration picture Dm_SPacemall.png

Level Planning

  • Researched unreal tournament by playing other Death match maps to get to know the mechanics of the game
  • Analyze how players made use of the mechanics and the spaces of other maps
  • Build a shooting area space in gym level for understanding weapons and their ranges for weapons placement.


Playtesting sheet

Conditions of Satisfaction

  • Level was iterated upon from data collected from playtests (by noting down observations and asking players to fill sheet with relevant questions)

  • Level had a Smoke test plan which was executed weekly to check for build breaking bugs before playtesting sessions

Level Balancing

The biggest change for the level was the size, 2 buildings were removed due to lack of player encounters.

The level was tested to see if this big change would affect the balance of the level and that was not the case. I used the score to check for balance (check the gaps between scored) this indicates for example that the weapon placement and spawn points are balanced